Sandwich & London

London based travel options for The Open 2020

Stay at the five star Renaissance Hotel located at St. Pancras. You will have a simple commute to The Open with a high speed train taking approximately 70 minutes. Enjoy the excitement of London and superior accommodation options along with an efficient route to The Open at Royal St. Georges Golf Club.

High Speed Direct Train

Our guests staying in London will have tickets included for high speed train travel from London to Sandwich. 

Stay in London Five Star Hotel, Train & Ticket

Tournament Package -Wednesday to Monday

from £2,250 Five Star London Tournament Package

Attend Thursday & Friday

from £1,150 Attend weekday Open rounds

Attend Saturday & Sunday

from £1,190 Open Championship weekend access

Open Championship -Hospitality Upgrades

Upgrade to hospitality from £200
Upgrade to ENGRAVERS from £800